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Capturing a person’s spirit through photography

More than "pictures." It's beautiful, incisive portrait photography for a purpose.  Click on any title to see more images and stories about that category.

Tom Styrkowicz ONE by ONE community portrait™

Let them know that they are part of a community that you treasure. You not only CELEBRATE them being a part of your community, but you REWARD them with a souvenir of that association…a captivating portrait of themselves which whenever they see it, will forever connect them back to your COMMUNITY.

Click to get the whole story, and see several examples.

the "never obsolete" company photo

You know the story…just shot a new group company photo and the very next week the person right in the center leaves the company! 

Never again. Add people. Take away people. The photo is always current! 

Watch the animation to see how it works
for groups large and small.

your best shot
Business portrait? Social media? Website? Why do you need your photo done by me…does anyone look bad here?

fun families
Just like the company photos, I photograph people in 1's, 2's or 3's and put them together in the computer. Magically, everyone looks good at the same time!

Below are some of my long-running personal series. See what I call another side of Tom by clicking on the photos.

'little black dress'
so two
story portraits
redhead experiment
girls night at the studio
little big ones

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