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Capturing a person’s spirit through photography



I call this the 8th chapter in my life. I started focusing again on photography after the sudden death of my wife in 2005. I had been a photographer early in my career, mostly doing fashion work for clients like Napier Jewelry and London Fog. In this chapter I wanted to focus on people, and in doing that I found my talent of almost instantly being able to gain the trust of my subjects, getting them to reveal sides of themselves that the public rarely sees.

I am excited to expand on my portrait/performance events which I call ‘ONEbyONE community portraits.’ I’m creating a portrait of an entire community one person at a time. They can be museums, companies, or any group of people people who have a common interest.

Every day I feel I am just beginning. There are so many things I want to try. So many people I want to capture. Every project is a new adventure. That’s what I want from my photos, and my life, many grand adventures.




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