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Capturing a person’s spirit through photography

finally acknowledging that this is ALL me



After years of debating with myself, and several trusted advisor friends, I am embracing all the different types of photos that I do as “me.” I am not “just” a “white background” photographer. All the other kinds of photography are also me.

I always felt that I had to present a consistent style, so that people would recognize the image as mine. Yet I still had other creative ideas, and would get satisfaction out of crafting an entirely different look. Sometimes I would work on a whole series of images based on a consistent thought and look.

But I never felt I could show these on my website, or Instagram, because I thought it would dilute how people thought of me.

Now I’m over it! These are all me, and I am going to show them (and talk about them here on my blog) as I shoot them. Hence the title, “This is what I shot today.”

Sometimes I will go behind the scenes to show how I created an image. Sometimes I may show the inspiration where the image came from.

I can’t tell you ahead of time what I will be showing, or talking about. This blog’s journey will be my journey. As I come up with new creative thoughts. As I meet people who inspire a specific type of photographic style to capture their essence. As I say on Instagram, “Sometimes I capture a person’s true spirit, and other times I create a spirit for them to inhabit.”

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