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Capturing a person’s spirit through photography

how would you wear your ‘little black dress’?


Way back in 2007, when I would take my kids to school, I’d see the moms dropping off their kids wearing their workout clothes and such, but then I’d be at a school event and I’d do a double take and be amazed at the transformation when the moms donned their ‘little black dresses’ for an evening event.

I felt I wanted to document that bit of femininity that is often put on the back burner when in the midst of raising kids. So my ‘little black dress’ series was born. My first subject was Shannon Knopic (pictured above with the football). She was the athletic director at the Y, and she actually played flag football! Although I didn’t require a prop, several woman took the opportunity to embellish their identity with something signifying one of their passions outside of their family.

This is an ongoing series, and I delight in seeing how different women personalize their story. To see more of my ‘little black dress’ series on my website, go here. I’ve also put together a book, which is on Blurb. If you’d like to become part of the series, contact me here.

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