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Capturing a person’s spirit through photography

the redhead experiment

I had had good luck photographing a number of redheads; Natalie Singletary, Jesse Shroyer, Anastacia drake, Amber Whipple. So I put up a post on Facebook asking who would like to be part of what I called ‘the redhead experiment.’ Thirty people responded (women, men, kids), and in a little more than one weekend I had captured over 15,000 images.

My goals was not just to shoot portraits of the se people, but to try to capture the essence of their ‘redheaded-ness.” I published the photos in a Blurb book, entitled, “the first report from ‘the redhead experiment.’” (I was obviously thinking there would be more, but as of yet I have not shot another concentrated group of redheads.) They also have a section on my website, which can be seen here. If you would like to be part of this collection, reach me through the contact section of my website.

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