Since the pandemic I have been shooting in the garage, with the door open. I started in August, and the garage could get pretty warm Problem solved with a big flexible duct that ran from inside the house, pushing cool air through with the fan.

Cold weather obviously presented another set of problems. Two radiant heater on either side of the model actually make it almost comfortable. Then a big propane powered unit that sits in the driveway pumps warm air past me and into the garage. Only trouble with that one is the NOISE!

Still check out the results of this shoot for my friend Lindsey Jones. She’s gotten into real estate with her KC Collected Instagram. She asked me to redo her photos. The one on the right was the first one finished because she needed something ASAP. What thrilled me was what she said when she saw the photos, “Tom. These pics are so great! I was not feeling great about myself. And then I got these pics.(3 crying laughing emojis)” So, 30° isn’t going to stop me from capturing beauty!

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