Of course this is important. But first let’s quickly talk apples and pomegranates. Let’s say “apples” are “pictures of yourself.” Selfies. Vacation pics. But here I’m talking “pomegranates.” Something special. Out of the ordinary. That’s what this is. You end up with a framed piece of art. Yes, you’re in it, but the magic is the energy of the moment that is captured forever.

That’s what, after doing photos for all my life, I have figured out that I am best at. Getting at peoples’ essence. And with this I want people to truly celebrate each other.

At the “be amazed” session I will show you how your artwork possibilities look, and we will discuss the different sizes. Because some people have lots of wall space, and others maybe less, I offer your choice of any of 3 sizes (16×20, 20×24 or 24×30) for $1195 (framing included). I offer larger sizes too in case you’ve got those 11’ ceilings in your home.

At that viewing session I will collect a $250 fee which is credited toward the final purchase. There is no “session charge” for the photo session. You are only paying for your final artwork.