new project-creating clothes from everyday materials

new project-creating clothes from everyday materials

In this case it was both a subject and an idea. Kansas City Ballet ballerina Kelsey Ivana Hellybuyck LOVES clothes. So much so that she’s always posting photos on social media wearing different outfits that she’s put together. (That’s the image on the left.)

I stubbed on the designer Iris van Herpen. Her clothes are beyond futuristic! She uses innovative materials and creates shapes that fabric could never hope to achieve. Now I don’t have access to her high-tech fabrics, but I have quite a collection of “interesting” fabrics and materials. The middle photo is my attempt to catalogue what I have, so that when Kelsey and I are in a frenzy of “creating” clothes, I will be aware of all the materials we have at our disposal. (The green tags tell how big the material is, and where I have it stores.

When I conceive of a project like this I will comb the internet for anything that even remotely looks like what I’m thinking of. The end result is never a copy of either the image or the design. Instead, this board serves more to say “go this way, not that way.”

Now we just have to wait for vaccines so we can feel comfortable working close together as we construct these clothes right on her. Watch for the post of the results.

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