Natalie image with inspiration


I had started “mining” my past shoots, especially photos where I appear with someone. ( They always had me with someone. I thought the series had to be about interaction. Then I ran across this single image somewhere on the internet, and thought to myself, “it can just be one person, it doesn’t have to be two.”

Natalie Singletary is so expressive. I found a wonderfully energetic photo of her shaking her head. I added even more blur and created the image above. This has opened up an infinite number of possibilities where images can have just one person in them!

And added note…this marks a departure for the one word caption. Although I liked that concept, I was having trouble many times finding a singular word to describe what I felt about the image. I’ve gone to phrases, which I find can make the perception of the image much richer, setting the viewer off to interpret it in maybe a number of different ways.
This series is evolving totally by instinct, which I love. I find it very exciting to tap into things deep inside of me. Sometimes things I wasn’t aware I was thinking.





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